1. oily, slippery, slithery, greasy, greased, lubricated, oiled; buttery, oleaginous, unctuous, slick, Physiol. synovial; sleek, glassy, skiddy, icy, glossy, polished, varnished; soapy, waxy, lathered.
2. unstable, unsteady, unsteadfast, inconstant; mercurial, fickle, flighty, volatile, wishy-washy; uncertain, doubtful, irresolute, skittish, changeable, changeful, variable; shifty, wavering, vacillating, fitful, capricious; undependable, unreliable, tergiversating; fleeting, transitory, transient, passing, momentary, fugitive; here-today-gone-tomorrow.
3. lewd, lecherous, libidinous, libidinal, Archaic. lickerish; salacious, concupiscent, prurient, ruttish; carnal, sensual, bestial, animal; priapic, satyric, goatish, hircine, randy, Sl. horny, Sl. hot; wanton, abandoned, dissolute, debauched, dissipated, incontinent, intemperate, Paphian; shameless, impure, unchaste, unvirtuous, immoral, degenerate.
4. obscene, pornographic, Sl. porno, blue, smutty, Sl. raunchy; ribald, bawdy, Fescennine, scurrilous, irreverent; lurid, indecent, off-color, offensive, suggestive, risque^ vulgar, gross, filthy, coarse, dirty, crude

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